Why it is high time to ditch your car this season

Cabs. Cabs. Cabs. that's all you hear now when you ask about transport. And the services, credits and the perks of the cab services are really cool and now everyone is going bonkers over all these products and offers. And is everyone bothered this much? Because all of them are not in vain, they are highly useful and customer friendly!

Lower fair is one thing. When you completely analyze the cons and pros of owning your automobile, you will be surprised when you know how much you can save through abandoning your vehicle and having the cab service usage, and if you could get hold of the discount coupons, speaking of which, uber gives unbelievable discounts and free rides to its customers!

uber gives unbelievable discountsYou can book a cab and they will come till your doorstep to pick you up. Easy peasy. All you have to do is click. And then ride to that party coolly. Anything, really. A party, or a ride to airport, or a shopping trip or just weekend outing. Book and ride!

The best part is the refunds you get. Uber provides refunds too. For bad services and any problems occurred during the ride. Innumerable perks and advantages. And then your feedback also helps for the better service next time. The credits you get with your rides are the cherries on the cakes.

The drivers are not those guys who use Gps and new to the city. Sometimes, we need shortcuts and street routes to reach wherever we need to go within short time. And there, the drivers help us and not to mention that they are extremely polite and trained. So it's high time you ditch your car. Put it in the back of your garage and go with the cab service!