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Mumbai Thane Panvel Railway Local Timetable From Rabale to Panvel

Journey Start From Rabale
Journey End To Panvel
Distance 24 Kms (rounded off to next Kms)
First Class Tickets 81 (Approx)
Second Class Tickets 11 (Approx)

No Of Trains 17
Train No Train Speed Originating from Ending At Rabale Panvel
TPL 1 S Thane Panvel 6:35 am 6:45 am
TPL 3 S Thane Panvel 7:16 am 7:26 am
TPL 5 S Thane Panvel 8:12 am 8:22 am
TPL 9 S Thane Panvel 9:25 am 9:35 am
TPL 11 S Thane Panvel 10:14 am 10:24 am
TPL 13 S Thane Panvel 11:22 am 11:32 am
TPL 15 S Thane Panvel 12:17 pm 12:27 pm
TPL 17 S Thane Panvel 1:25 pm 1:35 pm
TPL 19 S Thane Panvel 2:32 pm 2:42 pm
TPL 21 S Thane Panvel 3:42 pm 3:52 pm
TPL 23 S Thane Panvel 4:51 pm 5:01 pm
TPL 25 S Thane Panvel 5:31 pm 5:41 pm
TPL 27 S Thane Panvel 6:01 pm 6:11 pm
TPL 29 S Thane Panvel 6:45 pm 6:55 pm
TPL 33 S Thane Panvel 8:56 pm 9:06 pm
TPL 35 S Thane Panvel 9:45 pm 9:55 pm
TPL 37 S Thane Panvel 11:01 pm 11:11 pm

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