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IATA Airport Code and Airport Name Search Results for "W"

Airport Name City Country Airport Code(IATA) ICAO
Wabag Airport Wabag Papua New Guinea WAB
Wabo Airport Wabo Papua New Guinea WAO
Wabush Airport Wabush Canada YWK CYWK
Waca Airport Waca Ethiopia WAC HAWC
Municipal Airport Waco United States ACT KACT
TSTC Waco Airport Waco United States CNW KCNW
Waco Kungo Airport Waco Kungo Angola CEO FNWK
Wad Medani Airport Wad Medani Sudan DNI
RAF Station Airport Waddington United Kingdom WTN EGXW
Wadi Ad Dawasir Airport Wadi Ad Dawasir Saudi Arabia WAE
Wadi Ain Airport Wadi Ain Yemen WDA
Wadi Halfa Airport Wadi Halfa Sudan WHF HSSW
Wagau Airport Wagau Papua New Guinea WGU
Wageningen Airport Wageningen Suriname AGI SMWA
Wagethe Airport Wagethe Indonesia WET WABG
Forrest Hill Airport Wagga Wagga Australia WGA YSWG
Wagny Airport Wagny Gabon WGY
Wahai Airport Wahai Australia WBA
Wheeler AFB Airport Wahiawa United States HHI PHHI
Wahpeton Airport Wahpeton United States WAH
Waikoloa Airport Waikoloa United States WKL
Bellows Field Airport Waimanalo United States BLW
Waingapu Airport Waingapu Indonesia WGP WRRW
Wainwright Airport Wainwright United States AIN PAWT
Waitangi Airport Waitangi New Zealand WGN
Noto Airport Wajima Japan NTQ RJNW
Wajir Airport Wajir Kenya WJR HKWJ
Wakaya Island Airport Wakaya Island Fiji KAY NFNW
Wake Island Airport Wake Island US Minor Outlying Islands AWK PWAK
Hokkaido Airport Wakkanai Japan WKJ RJCW
Wakunai Airport Wakunai Papua New Guinea WKN
Walaha Airport Walaha Vanuatu WLH NVSW
Walcha Airport Walcha Australia WLC YWCH
Wales Airport Wales United States WAA
Walgett Airport Walgett Australia WGE YWLG
Walla Walla Airport Walla Walla United States ALW KALW
Wallal Airport Wallal Australia WLA YWAL
Wallis Island Airport Wallis Island Wallis and Futuna WLS NLWW
Walnut Ridge Airport Walnut Ridge United States ARG
Municipal Airport Walterboro United States RBW
Waltham Airport Waltham United States WLM
Rooikop Airport Walvis Bay Namibia WVB FARK
Wamena Airport Wamena Indonesia WMX WAJW
Wana Airport Wana Pakistan WAF OPWN
Wanaka Airport Wanaka New Zealand WKA NZWF
Wanganui Airport Wanganui New Zealand WAG NZWU
Wangaratta Airport Wangaratta Australia WGT YWGT
Flugplatz Airport Wangerooge Germany AGE EDWG
Wanigela Airport Wanigela Papua New Guinea AGL
Wantoat Airport Wantoat Papua New Guinea WTT
Wanuma Airport Wanuma Papua New Guinea WNU
Wanxian Airport Wanxian China WXN ZUWX
Neil Armstrong Airport Wapakoneta United States AXV
Wapenamanda Airport Wapenamanda Papua New Guinea WBM AYWD
Warangal Airport Warangal India WGC VOWA
Warder Airport Warder Ethiopia WRA
Ware Airport Ware United States UWA
Waris Airport Waris Indonesia WAR WAJR
Warracknabeal Airport Warracknabeal Australia WKB YWKB
Warrawagine Airport Warrawagine Australia WRW
Warri Airport Warri Nigeria QRW DNSU
Warrnambool Airport Warrnambool Australia WMB YWBL
Warroad Airport Warroad United States RRT
Frederic Chopin Airport Warsaw Poland WAW EPWA
Warwick Airport Warwick Australia WAZ YWCK
Washabo Airport Washabo Suriname WSO
Bolling AFB Airport Washington United States BOF
Buzzards Pt S Airport Washington United States BZS
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Washington United States DCA KDCA
Washington Dulles International Airport Washington United States IAD KIAD
Pentagon Army Airport Washington United States JPN
Warren Field Airport Washington United States OCW
County Airport Washington United States WSG
New Carrolton RR Airport Washington United States ZRZ
Wasilla Airport Wasilla United States WWA
Wasior Airport Wasior Indonesia WSR WASW
Waskaganish Airport Waskaganish Canada YKQ CYKQ
Waspam Airport Waspam Nicaragua WSP MNWP
Wasu Airport Wasu Papua New Guinea WSU
Wasua Airport Wasua Papua New Guinea WSA
Waterfall SPB Airport Waterfall United States KWF
Waterford Airport Waterford Ireland WAT EIWF
Waterkloof AFB Airport Waterkloof South Africa WKF FAWK
Waterloo Airport Waterloo United States ALO KALO
Waterloo Airport Waterloo Australia WLO YWTL
Watertown Airport Watertown United States ART KART
Watertown Airport Watertown United States ATY KATY
Robert Lafleur Airport Waterville United States WVL
Watson Lake Airport Watson Lake Canada YQH CYQH
Watsonville Airport Watsonville United States WVI
Wau Airport Wau Papua New Guinea WUG
Wau Airport Wau Sudan WUU HSWW
Wauchope Airport Wauchope Australia WAU
Memorial Airport Waukegan United States UGN KUGN
Waukesha Airport Waukesha United States UES
Municipal Airport Waukon United States UKN
Municipal Airport Wausau United States AUW
Central Wisconsin Airport Wausau United States CWA
Kalkgurung Airport Wave Hill Australia WAV YWAV
Waverney Airport Waverney Australia WAN
Wawa Airport Wawa Canada YXZ CYXZ
Wawoi Falls Airport Wawoi Falls Papua New Guinea WAJ
Ware County Airport Waycross United States AYS
Greene County Airport Waynesburg United States WAY
Weam Airport Weam Papua New Guinea WEP
Weasua Airport Weasua Liberia WES
Parker County Airport Weatherford United States WEA
Webequie Airport Webequie Canada YWP CYWP
Municipal Airport Webster City United States EBS
Wedau Airport Wedau Papua New Guinea WED
Wedjh Airport Wedjh Saudi Arabia EJH OEWJ
Wee Waa Airport Wee Waa Australia WEW YWWA
Browns Airport Weeping Water United States EPG
Weifang Airport Weifang China WEF ZSWF
Weihai Airport Weihai China WEH ZSWH
Weipa Airport Weipa Australia WEI YBWP
Welkom Airport Welkom South Africa WEL FAWM
Wellington International Airport Wellington New Zealand WLG NZWN
Harriet Field Airport Wells United States LWL
Municipal Airport Wellsville United States ELZ
Welshpool Airport Welshpool Australia WHL
Wemindji Airport Wemindji Canada YNC CYNC
Pangborn Field Airport Wenatchee United States EAT
Wendover Airport Wendover United States ENV KENV
Wenzhou Airport Wenzhou China WNZ ZSWZ
West Bend Airport West Bend United States ETB
West End Airport West End Bahamas WTD MYGW
West Kavik Airport West Kavik United States VKW
West Kuparuk Airport West Kuparuk United States XPU
West Malling Airport West Malling United Kingdom WEM
Municipal Airport West Memphis United States AWM
Palm Beach County Park Airport West Palm Beach United States LNA KLNA
Palm Beach International Airport West Palm Beach United States PBI KPBI
Village SPB Airport West Point United States KWP
West Wyalong Airport West Wyalong Australia WWY
Yellowstone Airport West Yellowstone United States WYS
Westerland Sylt Airport Westerland Germany GWT EDXW
Westerly State Airport Westerly United States WST
Suffolk County Airport Westhampton United States FOK KFOK
Westport Airport Westport New Zealand WSZ NZWS
Westray Airport Westray United Kingdom WRY EGEW
Westsound Airport Westsound United States WSX
Boram Airport Wewak Papua New Guinea WWK AYWK
Castlebridge Airport Wexford Ireland WEX EICD
Wha Ti Airport Wha Ti Lac La Martre Canada YLE CEM3
Whakatane Airport Whakatane New Zealand WHK NZWK
Whale Cove Airport Whale Cove Canada YXN CYXN
Whale Pass Airport Whale Pass United States WWP
Whalsay Airport Whalsay United Kingdom WHS EGEH
Whangarei Airport Whangarei New Zealand WRE NZWR
Wharton Airport Wharton United States WHT
Phifer Field Airport Wheatland United States EAN
Ohio County Airport Wheeling United States HLG
White Mountain Airport White Mountain United States WMO
Westchester County Airport White Plains United States HPN KHPN
White River Airport White River United States LEB KLEB
White River Airport White River United States WTR
White River Airport White River Canada YWR
Condron AAF Airport White Sands United States WSD KWSD
Greenbrier Airport White Sulphur Springs United States SSU
Whitecourt Airport Whitecourt Canada YZU CYZU
Regional Airport Whitefield United States HIE
Whitehorse International Airport Whitehorse Canada YXY CYXY
Olf Usn Airport Whitehouse United States NEN
Municipal Airport Whitesburg United States BRG
Whitianga Airport Whitianga New Zealand WTZ NZWT
Whyalla Airport Whyalla Australia WYA YWHA
Wiarton Keppel Airport Wiarton Canada YVV CYVV
Beech Airport Wichita United States BEC
Cessna Aircraft Field Airport Wichita United States CEA
Mid Continent Airport Wichita United States ICT KICT
Kickapoo Airport Wichita Falls United States KIP
Sheppard AFB Airport Wichita Falls United States SPS KSPS
Wick Airport Wick United Kingdom WIC EGPC
Wiesbaden Airport Wiesbaden Germany WIE ETOU
Wilcannia Airport Wilcannia Australia WIO YWCA
Wildenrath Airport Wildenrath Germany WID
Wildman Lake Airport Wildman Lake United States EWD OEWD
Cape May County Airport Wildwood United States WWD KWWD
USAF Heliport Airport Wildwood United States WWS
Wilhelmshaven Airport Wilhelmshaven Germany WVN EDWI
Wilkes Barre Wyoming Valley Airport Wilkes Barre United States WBW
Wilkes Barre Scranton International Airport Wilkes Barre Scranton United States AVP KAVP
Wilkes County Airport Wilkesboro United States IKB
Williams Harbour Airport Williams Harbour Canada YWM CCA6
Williams Lake Airport Williams Lake Canada YWL CYWL
Lycoming County Airport Williamsport United States IPT KIPT
Sloulin Field International Airport Williston United States ISN KISN
Willmar Airport Willmar United States ILL
Lost Nation Airport Willoughby United States LNN
Willow Airport Willow United States WOW
Willow Grove NAS Airport Willow Grove United States NXX KNXX
Glenn County Airport Willows United States WLW
Greater Wilmington Airport Wilmington United States ILG KILG
Wilmington International Airport Wilmington United States ILM KILM
Clinton Field Airport Wilmington United States ILN
Wiluna Airport Wiluna Australia WUN YWLU
Municipal Airport Winchester United States WGO
Windarra Airport Windarra Australia WND
Winder Airport Winder United States WDR
Eros Airport Windhoek Namibia ERS FYWE
Hosea Kutako International Airport Windhoek Namibia WDH FAWE
Windom Municipal Airport Windom United States MWM
Windorah Airport Windorah Australia WNR YWDH
Windsor Airport Windsor Canada YQG CYQG
Bradley International Airport Windsor Locks United States BDL KBDL
Arkansas City Airport Winfield United States WLD
Winisk Airport Winisk Canada YWN
Wink Airport Wink United States INK KINK
Winnemucca Airport Winnemucca United States WMC
James Armstrong Richardson International Airport Winnipeg Canada YWG CYWG
Municipal Airport Winona United States ONA
Winslow Lindbergh Airport Winslow United States INW
Smith Reynolds Airport Winston Salem United States INT KINT
Gilbert Field Airport Winter Haven United States GIF
Van Service Airport Winter Park United States QWP
Winton Airport Winton Australia WIN YWTN
Wipim Airport Wipim Papua New Guinea WPM
Wirawila Airport Wirawila Sri Lanka WRZ VCCW
Wiscasset Airport Wiscasset United States ISS
Alexander Field Airport Wisconsin Rapids United States ISW
Wise Airport Wise United States LNP
Wiseman Airport Wiseman United States WSM
Wittenoom Airport Wittenoom Australia WIT YWIT
Witu Airport Witu Papua New Guinea WIU
Cummings Park Airport Woburn United States WBN
Woensdrecht Airport Woensdrecht Netherlands WOE EHWO
Woitape Airport Woitape Papua New Guinea WTP
Woja Airport Woja Marshall Islands WJA
Wolf Point International Airport Wolf Point United States OLF
Wollaston Lake Airport Wollaston Lake Canada ZWL CZWL
Wollogorang Airport Wollogorang Australia WLL
Wollongong Airport Wollongong Australia WOL YWOL
Wologissi Airport Wologissi Liberia WOI
Wonan Airport Wonan Taiwan WOT RCWA
Wondai Airport Wondai Australia WDI YWND
Wondoola Airport Wondoola Australia WON
Wonenara Airport Wonenara Papua New Guinea WOA
WonJu Airport WonJu South Korea WJU RKNW
Wonken Airport Wonken Venezuela WOK
Wood River Airport Wood River United States WOD
Bentwaters St Airport Woodbridge United Kingdom BWY
Woodchopper Airport Woodchopper United States WOO
Woodford Airport Woodford United Kingdom WFD
Woodgreen Airport Woodgreen Australia WOG
West Woodward Airport Woodward United States WWR
Woomera Airport Woomera Australia UMR YPWR
Wayne County Airport Wooster United States BJJ
Wora Na Ye Airport Wora Na Ye Gabon WNE
Worcester Regional Airport Worcester United States ORH KORH
Worland Airport Worland United States WRL KWRL
Worthington Airport Worthington United States OTG
Wotho Island Airport Wotho Island Marshall Islands WTO
Wotje Island Airport Wotje Island Marshall Islands WTE
Wrangell SPB Airport Wrangell United States WRG PAWG
Mc Guire Afb Airport Wrightstown United States WRI KWRI
Wrigley Airport Wrigley Canada YWY CYWY
Copernicus Airport Wroclaw Poland WRO EPWR
Wrotham Park Airport Wrotham Park Australia WPK YWMP
Wudinna Airport Wudinna Australia WUD YWUD
Tianhe International Airport Wuhan China WUH ZHWT
Wuhu Airport Wuhu China WHU ZSWU
Wunnummin Lake Airport Wunnummin Lake Canada WNN CKL3
Wuvulu Is Airport Wuvulu Is Papua New Guinea WUV
Wuxi Airport Wuxi China WUX ZSWX
Changzhoudao Airport Wuzhou China WUZ ZGWZ
Wyk Auf Foehr Airport Wyk Auf Foehr Germany OHR EDXY
Wyndham Airport Wyndham Australia WYN YWYM

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